Yves Beaulieu in Grande-Vallée (2013)

Born in Lévis, Québec, in 1956, Yves Beaulieu takes a tartly humorous look at the world that surrounds him, lending as much importance to the setting as to the actors in it.


lien-googlemap2Boardwalk towards Galipeault covered bridge on Vieux-Pont street | View map

Montreal (Québec) | www.beaulieuphoto.com

Says the photographer, who discovered picture-taking around the age of 17, “My first picture is a close-up of a frog, taken in June, when mosquitoes abound in the countryside – that’s when I had my first shot.” For 20 years now, Yves Beaulieu has been placing his creativity and technique at the service of the specific needs of varied clienteles in his commercial work, favoring black and white for his personal shooting.


Depending on what turns up in the course of his walks, Yves Beaulieu endeavors to capture the reality of the civilized world. Through a subjective lens he shows us, above and beyond the documentary, what is funny, ironic, absurd or foolish in a situation, his vision of humanity, which he centers in an unexpected way – and produces an amalgamation, in the same picture, of elements that are disparate or lacking an apparent relationship among themselves.

Recent or significant solo exhibits


  • “La féérie des regards” (The Wonders of Looks), joint exhibit with poet Suzanne Provencher, L’Azur Café, Quebec City, Québec


  • “La féérie des regards” (The Wonders of Looks), joint exhibit with poet Suzanne Provencher, Casa Obscura, Montreal, Québec


  • “Anima,” Côte-Saint-Luc Library, Montreal, Québec


  • “Matière à poursuite” (Grounds for Prosecution), Maison de la culture Pointe-aux-Trembles, Montreal, Québec

Recent or significant group exhibits

2008 to the present

  • “Montre-moi ce que tu vois de l’autre que je ne vois pas” (Show me what you see of the other that I don’t see), traveling exhibit: Grande Bibliothèque, La Tohu and Maison de la culture, Montreal, Québec; Mondial des cultures de Drummondville, Québec


  • “Le sentier du bonheur” (The Path of Happiness), Mount Royal Park (Olmsted Road), Montreal, Québec


  • “Je suis Montréal” (I Am Montreal), McGill College St., Maison de la culture Marie-Uguay, and Montreal High Lights Festival, Montreal, Québec