Laurent Mulot: residency project and exhibit

Laurent_Mulot_Middle_of_Nowhere_Ghost_Contemporary_Art_Center_Rochefourchat_B 31 at dawn

Rencontres is welcoming French photographer Laurent Mulot until late May on the occasion of an artist residency in the Gaspé and northeastern Québec. In addition, until June 20, 2015, the same artist is presenting the exhibit Middle of Nowhere at Joyce Yahouda Gallery in Montreal in collaboration with Rencontres.

The residency project is organized around a series of photo, video and sound recordings. The first work will be geared to a series of images and sounds relating to recordings made in Le Havre, France, with a view to a diptych (a two-part work), in particular in the territory of the town of Gaspé and around point of latitude 49.49 degrees north. The work will then continue in “road movie” fashion. The project will conclude with a triple exhibit:a return to the Gaspé for Rencontres in 2016, an exhibit at Joyce Yahouda Gallery in Montreal in 2016-2017, and an exhibit at Galerie Françoise Besson in Lyon, France, in 2017.

Saturday, May 16 and 30, 2015: events with the artist in attendance. The public can observe the melting ice of the letters ANTGCAC in the work Now Melting Here and chat with the artist.

The exhibit Middle of Nowhere, meanwhile, displays the photographs from the six phantom centers established by Laurent Mulot on the six continents, along with a large sculpture, Now Melting Here. The latter was created following the installation of the sixth phantom art center, in Antarctica. Connected to the completion of the project, the letters ANTGCAC (Antarctic Ghost Contemporary Art Center), molded in ice, melt above an oval mirror, referring to global climate concerns. Saturday, May 30, 2015, the public will have the chance to observe the melting ice of the letters ANTGCAC in the work Now Melting Here and to chat with the artist, in attendance for the occasion at the gallery.

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